Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on my life in general

Having one car for the past few months has been challenging, rewarding and a learning experience. I have found I have more time! Because staying home with Olivia has been a deliberate choice on my part I don't resent not having two cars. I don't even resent having old cars. In fact I just love the fact that we have one that runs...and has heat! The ability to be home and comfort my little girl when she cries, read her stories that light up her face, teach her how to use the telephone and so much more have been well worth the sacrifices and life changes. Living on 50K a year in Washington state is not easy. It is and will continue to be one of the biggest challenges in my life. I have found that reading books that encourage me in my chosen path have been a huge blessing. Here is what I have on my bookshelf:

Fearlessly Feminine by Jani Ortlund: this book has been one big encouragement to live fearlessly in the life God has given me.
A Woman of Confidence by Dee Brestin: I started the year with this bible study. It has encouraged me to dig into 1 Peter. It is reminding me of the life of hope that I live in the midst of very real difficulties. How to face life with peace and power that touches other peoples lives.
The Simple Living Guide: This book has been a good reminder to me of what it means to slow down, and enjoy the relationships God has put in my life. It encourages me that life is more than what we own. It is the people we love and know. It reminds me to live a deliberate life and savor it.
Sacred Parenting: By Gary Thomas Children change who we are. They shape us.

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  1. Sweet, Jess. I've been stuck at home w/o a car for a while now, too...and I'm reading a lot as well. Fiction, mostly, though... ;) I love simplicity!



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