Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemade Unsweetened Applesauce

 I love having fresh homemade applesauce on hand for Olivia. I especially love knowing I made it so I know EXACTLY what is in it. ( No ground up bug parts for us!) Feel free to add sugar to taste to this recipe. I prefer the sugar free version for my little one.

Equipment and Ingredients:
Organic Apples                                Lid Lifter (or you can use the Jar Grabber)
Organic Cinnamon                          Jar Funnel
Jar Grabber                       7 quart pot or larger to put apples in
Canning Jars                       Large ladle or spoon
1 water bath canner            Blender or Food Mill
Canning lids (BPA FREE)
First on the stove top place the water bath canner filled with water. Heat water on high until boiling then turn down to a low simmer. ( I used the black container below as my water bath canner. The blue container I used to boil my empty cans and lids in to disinfect them.
 Then peel your apples. As you can see I mixed apples and pears for my sauce.
 Peel and dice the apples. Place in large pot. Place about one inch of water in the pan. Place apples on cooktop and simmer until soft with lid on.
 My canning jars, well actually my mom's jars. I am borrowing them.
 My jars in the blue water bath for disinfecting.
 Olivia occupying herself, making lots of noise with all the stainless steel.

 Apples on stove top. Add Cinnamon and sugar to your taste.

 When Apples are soft enough to mash or blend remove from heat. (Olivia likes chunky applesauce so I did not blend mine. This is where you would blend them. ( I love to use my little hand mixer for this.)
 Line up your jars (sorry it is sideways I could not get my computer to turn this picture around). Place funnel in first jar. Ladle applesauce into the jar to within a 1/4 inch of the top.

 Place lids and screw tops on jars. Place in large black water bath. Lower into the water until lids are covered. I did pint jars so I left mine in the water for 30 minutes at a full boil.

 After the 30 minutes place on flat surface until you hear the lids "pop". Label and store!

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