Friday, January 7, 2011

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

 Homemade yogurt, especially with a crock pot is the epitome of simple. Why I waited so long to save money and make it at home I have no idea! All you need to get started is a crock pot, a half gallon of milk and half a cup of store bought organic yogurt with live/ active cultures. First turn the crock pot to it's "low" setting. Then pour your half gallon of organic milk( I used raw milk which will result in a slightly runnier yogurt) into the crock pot and cover with a lid. Let sit on warm for two hours.

After two hours turn the crock pot off. Do not remove the lid. Let sit for another three hours.!
After the milk has sat for three hours remove two cups of it and mix with your half cup of plain live organic yogurt from the grocery store.  After it is mixed together add it back into the crock pot. Put the lid on (the crock pot should be unplugged and off) and wrap the crock pot in a towel for 8 hours or overnight.
Mom...I am teething again!
 And then the next morning...we have yogurt! At this point you can add in vanilla and fruit to flavor it. Homemade yogurt is amazing! I tasted it before giving it to the accountant. It will last for 5-7 days in a container in the refrigerator. Depending on the milk you use will depend on how thick the yogurt is. Enjoy!


  1. awesome! can you do this with non dairy milk? i've heard it can be done with soy but that make my nursling vomit like the exorsist. i wanted to try rice milk... do you think it could be done?

  2. I plan on trying with coconut milk. My friend did and had great success. I will post it if it turns out okay. Rice milk might need a thickening agent it is so thin to start with...but it wouldn't hurt to try it!



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