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Why we eat Organic Grass Fed Beef

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Every year in March I am making a point of putting in my order for grass fed organic beef. Why you might ask? Is it cheaper? Cheaper than what conventional beef, organic store bought? If it's not cheaper why bother ordering it? These are all questions I have been asked and will attempt to answer in this post!
From a few studies I have read it has been found that grass fed beef is more nutritious than it's conventional counterpart. It has 10 times more beta carotene, 3 times more vitamin E and 3 times more Omega 3 fatty acids along with more Omega 6.(Granted carrots and Salmon still have more than a piece of beef.) Grass fed beef is also 3 times leaner than corn based meat, making it easier on your waistline. The "marbled" beef that many people attain to is a result of a grain fed diet.
Since cows were created to eat grass they do better when fed grass and only grass. A 100% grass fed cow does not have the high E-coli count in it's gut as a "classic" American feed lot cow. Don't let the term "grain finished" fool you. Most cows start out with the first 6-12 months of their lives eating grass. But then they are sent to feed lots where they are fed a grain based diet to fatten them up. What's the big deal with a grain fed cow you might ask? Grain is not a natural diet for cud-chewers. Feeding a cow grain causes digestive problems and generally makes them more sickly resulting in their need for antibiotics. Almost all grain fed cows need antibiotics.
According to one source Mad cow disease has never been found in grass finished
beef.  "Feedlot cattle may eat all kinds of products in addition to grain, including chicken manure, chicken feathers, newsprint, cardboard and municipal garbage waste" along with old candy bars and many other things!"
 Grass fed beef is more humane. Anyone who has seen Food Inc will not argue with the idea that a cow is happier when it lives out it's life in a pasture with lots of roaming room than when crammed together in a traditional feed lot.I believe a grass fed cow is a happy cow and I have fewer moral issues eating a well cared for animal.

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