Monday, March 21, 2011

Vitamin B12 and pregnancy...

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...Image via WikipediaGreat article on a study done in the Netherlands involving 3,000 women. Those with the lowest levels of vitamin B12 during their first three months of pregnancy had babies that cried more, low levels of B12 also interfere with the infants sleep cycle by delaying the release of melatonin. Pass me the Vitamin B12. No wonder I am craving steak, eggs, salmon and dark raw chocolate! Now don't forget to take your vitamin C with that to increase absorption!

Just in case I am not getting enough in my diet I am taking Garden of Life Raw B complex.!

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  1. ohhh! all yummy foods! i love smoked salmon! i used Super Mom vitamins from beeyoutiful-love them!
    hope you are feeling well! i have a good article on how beans help curb morning sickness...sure helped me! let me know if you want to see it!



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