Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken and Coop update

My wonderful husband has been working on this coop in his "spare" time. Which during tax season is next to nothing. He says he is enjoying building it though because it gets him outside, in an otherwise inside time of year.
We have to take the windows out before we put the plywood and siding on but we wanted to see what they looked like! We also are minus the gussets in the roof here...
"Okay guys I want to climb inside too!"
'"I want to build too daddy!" This is our nephew.
The chicks are getting bigger. I have them in a stove box I picked up at Judd and Black. Their feathers are coming along nicely! They hop and strut all over their box!
We took Mildred and Gertrude out for a few minutes of sun and real grass.
So far so good! The coop should be finished in the next couple of weekends (the accountant has only had Sundays to work on it), then out go the chicks...they should be well feathered by then!

We are copying a chicken coop we saw online at backyard chickens.com


  1. Oh how cute! I love it...and I'm super jealous. ;)

  2. Em...In 20 weeks I should start getting eggs...well 15 weeks now! I will be selling the extra to help pay for their keep(0:



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