Monday, March 7, 2011

Hosting a Budget Friendly Organic Party

My sister is getting married in a month!!! I am so excited. She is marrying one of my husband's best friends. This coming Sunday my cousin and I are hosting a household/kitchen shower. Eating healthy and organic have become such a part of me that it doesn't even occur to me to "skimp" on the organics at a party. So how do you host a party for 30 people on a budget and serve healthy organic homemade food?

  1. First take an inventory of your pantry staples. For the shower we noted I have an abundance of quinoa, brown rice pasta, coffee, garbanzo beans, tea and fresh veggies every week. This had a huge influence on our menu of choice.
  2. Second use china dishes, real napkins, real cups, mugs and tea cups. I have been collecting enough china and silverware for parties since we got married.
  3. Third  instead of separate gifts and decorations for the party game winners, the decorations are the gifts! I won't say what or I will be giving away too much of the upcoming party!
  4. Fourth make practically everything from scratch (as you can see I am buying the cake and my mom is bringing cupcakes)

Here is the menu Elizabeth and I have planned:

We are looking forward to a lovely day celebrating my little sister. I can't wait to see everyone there!
Flowers done by Bloom Bridal Designs

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