Saturday, March 26, 2011

Living the Complex Life

Logo of LIFE magazine.Image via WikipediaAs the accountant and I have pursued a more "green", thoughtful and back to basics life I have come across many books and blogs talking about the "simple life". Saying the simple life romanticizes this desire to live on the land, raising our own food, driving old cars, living off one income, having as natural a birth as possible, staying home with my children and so much more. But honestly it's not simple, not in the true definition of the word. 

 Here is the definition I found 1. Having or composed of only one thing, element, or part. 2. Not involved or complicated; easy"

That does not define the life I live. It's complicated or complex. Think about it, is it simpler to run to the grocery store to pick up eggs someone else raised for you or buy your own chicks, build them a coop, feed them, keep them healthy, then eat their eggs? Is it easier to make your own food from scratch or go out to a restaurant and have them feed you? What takes more time and planning? This life we have chosen. It is complex, not simple. Each decision we make adds another layer to our lives. By having chickens I have created more dirt tracked in the house to clean, by planning an herb and vegetable garden I am choosing to live with the consequences of the weather, our soil and the time it takes to care for plants. It isn't "the simple" life but it is a thoughtful life. Instead of flying out the door in the morning to go to this activity and that, I have to plan for feeding the animals, caring for my kids and leaving some semblance of order about me. 

But despite it's complexity I crave more of it. I thrive on the difficulty, the challenge. I want more. More acreage, more animals, more dirt! (but not in my house) The wonder and majesty of seeing life up close is worth the hard work, and dirt. I thank God daily for the ability to live life in all it's complexity.!

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head, Jess. And I wholeheartedly agree...I love the challenge and I crave more! :)



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