Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organic Clothing...taking the plunge

So I have been considering lately taking the organic clothing plunge, meaning, when I buy a new item of clothing from now on, I want it to be organic or used (AKA the goodwill). Besides furniture this has been one of the last commitments I wanted to make knowing 1. it is EXPENSIVE (if I buy new) 2. it will limit my choices and wardrobe ( or perhaps I will just have to think outside the norm!) When I tried to talk myself out of it though I can't justify buying the cheap sweat house clothes from chain stores or cheap online sites. If I know where it is coming from, and I know the people who are making it for me are not being treated right I can't really morally buy it. Also if it isn't a sustainable resource I am part of the problem rather than the solution. When did it become okay to say "I am a consumer". Really? That is how I want to identify myself? So when I start to need some new clothes (which with all the clothes I have will take a while) I will let you know what I find.!  

Resources for fair trade, organic clothing:

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