Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Receipts and BPA

A picture of a wallet.Image via WikipediaDid you know that the receipt you are being handed by the clerk is most likely coated with a powdery film that contains BPA? BPA, as most of us are now aware, is a synthetic chemical that has been shown in numerous studies to mess with our hormonal health. Now think about where you put those receipts after they are handed to you. Most likely in your wallet next to your money. So although in a lower concentration now your money has a thin film of BPA, along with your wallet lining. All this BPA is rubbing onto your skin, making it one of our highest exposures to BPA around.
My recommendations? Wash your hands after handling receipts and or money. Store those receipts in their own special place rather than with your money or in your wallet!

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  1. a better recommendation that ive heard it to photocopy them and toss as soon as possible. of course, if you need them for something such as a warranty, then i suggest placing them in a zippered bag [such as those you use for holding pencils and pens for school.]



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