Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken and Coop Update #3

 Olivia and Preston want to spend all day outside with the chicks and sunshine!
 The coop is almost there. The accountant is roofing and siding it this weekend. Next weekend we are doing the run.
 We moved the chicks outside with a heat lamp, because well, they are no longer chicks! They stay nice and toasty warm in there at 65 degrees. My house no longer smells like chickens and I got my extra bathroom back!
 During the day if it isn't raining I jerry rigged this mobile coop run! They LOVE it. So does the dog, Wesley, I don't ever wonder where he is, he is always right outside the bars.

 I love my little polish guys. Their little head piece gives them quite the attitude. Not sure yet if they are male or female. They seem to be female. We will see.

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  1. So nice to "meet" you! I love your blog- we are like long lost bff's!

    We have been making plans to get our own coop and chickens, and ahhh, seeing yours makes me green with envy!

    I love seeing your cute kids with the chickens (this is what I keep telling my husband- the kids will love it, and it will teach them so much!)

    It's so fun to be so closely pregnant with you! Congrats!



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