Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stainless Steel Scrubbers

I have been looking for a replacement for my scouring pads. I recently (two months ago) came across stainless steel scrubbers.  They are fantastic! They don't rust like steel wool pads and after two months I am still using the first one out of the package! I use mine in the kitchen for cleaning tough pots and pans, I also scrub my cook top with it and it does not scratch it. ( I recommend a test spot on your surface of choice prior to using.) I put the second one in the package in my cleaning bucket. I use it on my tub and shower for those water rings that accumulate so quickly. It works wonders! I clean my kitchen one in the dishwasher when it needs disinfecting and my cleaning bucket one in the washer machine. You can also clean by hand if food gets stuck in the little rings. It rinses out quickly. This has been a great solution for me instead of going through all the steel wool pads that always left little rust stains on my sink ledge when left there to dry.! If anyone knows where to buy them local let me know. For now I found them on for $2.99 plus shipping. I am excited to see how long one can last me. So far two months and counting!


  1. I hope you like it! I like mine. Make sure you test your surface to make sure it doesn't scratch it. So far nothing has scratched with mine but you can't be too careful!

  2. we use daily scrubbers in our kitchen so it should be It is safe and durable.Thank's a lot for sharing this great information, we can use this scrubber for a long time.So cost is not issue it the best.



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