Monday, August 2, 2010

How to make your own non-toxic spray starch

The accountant came home from work the other day and said. "Honey I am running out of ironed dressed shirts." Now about a month ago I would have taken them to the cleaners because they get pressed so nicely. Now I have no room in the budget to spend $25-50 per month on pressing. So I said " I will iron them for you." Now the first problem was I needed spray starch. I went to the store read the ingredients and thought, " I have no idea what any of this stuff is." So I came home and googled make your own spray starch. Guess what! It's really really easy!
Here is my ingredient list:

1-3 Tbls of cornstarch ( depends on how stiff you want your shirts. I used 2 tbls)
spray bottle and a spoon
tap water to fill spray bottle
2 drops of  essential oil of your choice. I used lemon

I placed 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in the spray bottle. Filled the spray bottle with cold tap water. Added 2 drops of essential oil. Placed lid on spray bottle. Shook it up and began to iron! A little note here. I always iron inside out which turned out good with the homemade spray starch since on dark colors if the bottle is not shaken well you can end up with tiny white spots. If properly shaken this is not an issue.

The finished product

The accountant loves his nicely pressed shirts that smell softly of lemon.! Note I watched Pride and Prejudice while ironing. Baby was sleeping.

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  1. You are so resourceful Jess, I am proud of you.



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