Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simplifying and Decluttering

The accountant will attest to the fact that I hate clutter. Especially clutter without a purpose...but I am and always have been a clothes horse...or at least I was until today. I can now say there is not one item in my closet that does not fit!! I have been reading about decreasing consumption and getting rid of those items in your life that hang over you like a cloud. For me it was all the clothes I wanted to keep because I just knew I would fit into them again one day. I had reasoned that I was saving money by holding on to them just in case they fit. Then there were the items with sentimental attachment, did I mention I had a lot of them? So I spent all day today decluttering my closet. I am not done. I still have drawers to go through but here is my progress so far!

As you can see there is a lot left! Tomorrow I am tackling the shoes, purses...and other items. I gave three large bags of clothes to my sister and there is still a lot left. I must admit I had a really really hard time parting with the 100 dollars skirt I bought at Nordstroms and wore twice, but I did it and I feel SO much better. I feel cleansed.

So, clear out the clutter! More is not better. We all fall into the trap. we all have more than we actually use, need or even want. If old clothes, kitchenware, toys, magazines, knickknacks, and so forth are crammed into your closets, piled in your garage or basement, it's time to give yourself a little breathing room. All that clutter is cluttering up your life.

How I attack clutter:
One area at a time.  Cleaning out one drawer or closet at a time prevents me from feeling overwhelmed.

Questions I ask myself:
  • Have I used this in the past year ( or if you were pregnant, the last 18 months)?
  • Realistically will I use this again. Not "CAN" but "WILL" ?
  • Do I LOVE this?
  • If I think I might need it again what will I use it for?
  • What would be the worst consequence if I never saw this item again?
I will post finished product pictures of my closet tomorrow. I am planning a clothing swap!

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  1. Thank you sister for so many wonderful clothes!!!



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