Monday, August 9, 2010

Organic Sales at Fred Meyers

Fred Meyers has some organic produce on sale worth mentioning. I would recommend calling to make sure your local store has the item in stock before driving all the way there only to find they have sold out. That happened to me with one item. They said their would be more of it today!

Organic Grapes 1.49 per pound

Organic Peaches or Nectarines 1.79 per pound

Organic Cantaloupe 79 cents per pound

Organic Red Potatoes a 3 lb bag for 2.99

Organic Cilantro, Parsley, or Italian Parsley 88 cents per bunch

Organic Beets and Carrots 2 for 3 dollars

Organic Green Cabbage 59 cents per pound

Organic Collard Greens, kale or Chard 2 for 3 dollars

Everything is Northwest grown except the grapes. The accountant and I indulged in the nectarines for a mid afternoon snack yesterday and they are delicious! I might buy more to freeze for winter.

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