Sunday, August 1, 2010

My grocery receipt for August

So I want to share my grocery receipts with you and prices from the farmers markets. This will help me stay within my budget and maybe help you know what I am buying to keep this budget!

Farmers market:
Grass Fed Ground Beef 6 pounds for $20 from farmers market
Large Lettuce Organic $2.00 from farmers market


Dill Pickles 3.69
Chunk Light Tuna, 12, 7 oz cans, 9.89
Organic Salsa 66 ounces for 5.99
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1.5 liters 10.95
Organic Tortilla Chips 40 oz. 4.39
Organic Sprouted Bread (for Jason) 2 loaves for 4.39
Organic Coffee 3 lbs 13.99
Organic Sweet Peas frozen., 5 lbs 5.35
Organic Frozen Green Beans, 5 lbs 5.99
Chicken Sausage in beef casings, nitrate free, not frozen, 15 large sausages, 12.99
Portabello mushrooms very large container, 4.49
Garlic (same price for pre peeled so I bought that) 4 lbs 4.99 ( I freeze them)
104.71( Costco and farmers market)

Trader Joe's:

Organic Wine (sulfite free) 6.99
Organic Orange Juice 1/2 gallon 3.99 ( could have bought 1 gallon for 7 dollars at Costco.)
Teriyaki Sauce 3.69
Goddess Salad dressing 1.99
Organic sugar plum tomatoes 3.29
Brown rice bread (for me, I freeze it and toast) 3.29
Snack for Jason Cookies Joe joe vanilla creme 2.69
Organic Taco Shells 1.99
Organic Bell Peppers 2, 1.79
Organic Celery 2.00
Sunflower seeds, raw 1.69
Organic apples 0.69 each
Organic chocolate bar 1.99


Fred Meyers:
1/2 gallon Coconut Milk on sale for 2.99 with dollar off coupon 1.99
9lbs of organic strawberries $15
Total: 17

Grand total for first half of month:
200.00 ( I keep the other fifty dollars for fresh veggies through out the month.)

keep in mind I have many frozen and canned goods on hand, including brown rice and quinoa previously bought at Costco. my toiletries I buy in bulk twice per year


  1. In another post, you mentioned that you spend about $200-250/month on groceries, but at the end of this post you mention "$200 for first half of the month". Do you actually spend $500? I'm trying to feed a family of 4 (2 kids under 3) as organically as I can on a budget, but I'm trying to figure out what is a reasonable budget. Right now we spend close to $600/month on non-organic eating. We don't have a Costco membership, but obviously that's a good idea! :o)

  2. In August I stocked up on some grass fed beef during the second half of the month since the market was closing soon and I wanted to have some in my freezer. Months I don't entertain and I am just feeding the two of us and Olivia I spend 250. Months I am having guests over for a party (like Olivia's birthday party I had 18 guests) I spend around 350 dollars. I make almost everything from scratch. We have months where I buy in bulk so those months are a little more and then months where I hardly ever go to the grocery store ( I get my veggies delivered) so my average cost at this point is 250-300 dollars. When I first "went organic" I spent more. Lots more because I had to figure out where things were the best priced, and I had to change what and how we ate. Thus hardly any packaged foods of any kind, and lots of shopping in the bulk bins, and menu planning! I hope that helps.



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