Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where I have been...and plans for the next few months.

First I would like to announce:
 Henry Andrew William Kaloger is here.
He was born two weeks late via c-section, 10 pounds 4 ounces. 21.75 inches long. Yes he was a big one! I guess that is what I get for having him two weeks late. He is a lovely calm baby, that loves his sleep. Much more predictable than my daughter, who still has trouble sleeping through the night. I love them both but can already see huge differences in their personality. 
I am excited to start back up my blog. Which has lain void of updated posts since mid July, due to general pregnancy fatigue and lethargy. It is amazing to me how different I feel not pregnant. My drive and creativity are back. I was not myself the last few months of the pregnancy, most likely due to all the little boy hormones running around in my system, I was probably slightly depressed but birth cured it.
New since my last post are:
  • 6,000 dollars in medical debt due to an unplanned c-section ( I was planning a vbac, did not happen), so our debt free status is no more. I will spend a lot of time trying to fix that, so you have lots of frugal ideas for living eco friendly and organic coming up.
  • I was given a brand new sewing machine by my mom, so excited to learn how to use it and make things!! First on the list is a wet bag for Henry's wet diapers.
  • We bought a new to us van, with low mileage for a very good price. I can now leave the house!
  • We have a juicer, which I am excited to share the health benefits of.
My husband and I are going to spend the coming weekend reworking our budget...I am cringing with the knowledge the food budget will be even lower...I will share the amount with you.
 Looking forward to a new year. Lots of ordinary days with extraordinary moments, which I hope to share with you.


  1. I cant believe your insurance did not pick up some of the cost of your c-section! Goodness, what a setback after being debt free. :(

  2. Melissa...they did but obviously not enough...our max out of pocket was 6000..which is what we will be paying out.

  3. I'm sorry Jess. God will make a way...He always does. We are down $35,000 in debt over the last 4 years and should be out of debt next month which will be over $45,000 paid off. I hope this gives you hope.

  4. On the bright side...it is way better than it could have been. My previous insurance was a deductible of 5,ooo and a max out of pocket of 16,000. So that alone was God's provision! Wow Jess...45K is ALOT of money! That is exciting news!

  5. Congratulations!! It's good to have you back!



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