Friday, January 6, 2012

Ordinary Days

Often when I read a blog I want to know the person behind the writing. What does an ordinary day look like behind all the highlights. Today I thought I would share a little of ours with you. First is little Henry. He spends much of his life in my Ergo carrier. My lifesaver, or nothing would ever get done! Yesterday I nursed him in it while exploring the Goodwill. Without it I would have an even dirtier house than I already have.

 Today while I cooked breakfast Olivia played. She has a little box of crayons and pencils she goes and gets when she decides she wants to "color".  This morning was one of those mornings. I made the mistake of giving her, her "coffee" (steamed almond milk) in an open small mug this morning. All her crayons went into it, before she had drank it. Oops...
While cooking I heard a knock on the door. It was UPS.  I received some of my amazon "subscribe and save" items. I was so excited because it was my coconut water and vitamins, I am almost out. Amazon is how I get a million little things that I never seem to have time to go to the store for any more. It is wonderful time saver for me. Plus buying my vitamins through them I save a ton of money.

 Breakfast lately is Olivia's much requested eggs from our backyard. It's fun to crack the green, white and brown shells. I love knowing where my eggs came from, what the chickens ate that laid them and how healthy they are.
 The sausage was one of my post par-tum splurges, organic sausage from organic valley. It's not cheap so it wont be a regular occurrence for us. But it sure is easy, and Olivia loves it.

 Morning chocolate almond milk latte. With TWO shots of espresso. I could not make it through the morning without it. This one was made with a wonderful machine my mom recently gave us. An old Starbucks barista. A great little machine that pulls wonderful shots! Rich, caramelly coffee shots. Yum, now I want another one. I try and take time every morning to at least enjoy five minutes of "coffee " time. It's my morning breather and makes me feel sane.
 After breakfast while I cleaned up Henry slept and Olivia played with her babies. A Disney Rapanzel doll and An American Girl itty bitty baby. Both Christmas presents from dotting family. I love watching my little girl engage in imaginative play. It is amazing how quickly she has gone from helpless newborn to the thriving, active toddler of today.

 The rest of the day I did loads and loads of laundry, changed a million diapers, fed a growing infant, tried to keep the toys picked up, made wonderful plans in my head for all the projects I am dying to do, read to Olivia, played with Olivia, devoured a book called  Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five ( I highly recommend this for some fascinating and informative reading), checked my email and facebook and then threw together dinner at 430pm when I suddenly noticed what time it was. Thankfully I had defrosted a small roast ( I love having grass fed beef on hand all year long in the freezer) and had some potatoes. Instant dinner all it needed was a little time in the oven and salt and pepper. Lunch today was small being apples, cashews and cheese mid day, which seemed to be all Olivia or I needed since we forgot to eat anything else. She did eat a large amount at dinner though! The accountant kept remarking on how much she ate.

Then the accountant came home. The very best part of the day!


  1. You have a great life Jessica and you're making wise decisions. :)

  2. You have a great life Jessica and you're making wise decisions. :)



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