Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Thought I would share my Goodwill finds from today, and the plans I have for them.
 Fabric! Who knew there was so much unused fabulous fabric hanging on racks at the goodwill. Makes me wonder what the original plans for each piece were. I have a few ideas for mine:
A beanbag chair for Olivia with the large pink piece, it's a heavy denim like material
Wet bags to keep and to give
Dresses and skirts
Other ideas left to come

 My original intent in going to the goodwill (other then dropping stuff off for donation) was to up cycle old sweaters, sheets and clothing. But when I saw the racks of fresh, cast off, unused material I dove right in. Then when I started to tally it in my head decided that, even though is was a fabulous deal, I had better stop. So I only brought home the fabric...and a few books for Olivia and I. I am hoping to show off my creations as I make them. Coming soon to a blog near you!....
 Here are my book finds. Who can pass up children's books at 79 cents per book.
These books for me looked like a fun read! I will let you know how they are.

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