Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reusable lunch items

In order to save money I decided to invest in reusable lunch items for Jason, and when not reusable healthy disposable. He has been using these items for 6 months now. We made the goal of being plastic free for lunch and we are pretty much there. By pretty much I mean some of the items have plastic lids but the container is not.

Here is what we use:

Built Ny Gourmet Getaway Lunch Bag Black. He uses this daily. I just throw it in the wash when it gets dirty! I found mine at TJ Maxx for around four dollars right after Christmas.
Anchor Hocking Trueseal Glass. They sell these at Target individually. The glass is great so he can warm items up in the microwave.

I never wrap items in plastic wrap anymore. I use the containers as much as possible and when the glass container does not seem feasible I use natural value waxed paper bags, unbleached. These are great for sandwiches. I seal them closed with a address sticker label. You know those ones you get free in the mail from this charity or that. For utensils he takes our regular silverware. He has never forgotten to bring it home!

I have seen many good reusable lunch items. These happen to be the ones that work for us. I haven't bought plastic wrap since before Christmas!

Resources for reusable lunch items:

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