Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My decision to make my own shampoo

It's been a while since I bought "conventional" shampoo. You know things like Pantene Pro-v, Bed Head, or any other regular shampoo.

 When I got pregnant I decided to go all organic. What I didn't know or check into is that even though it might say "organic" or "Natural" doesn't mean it is good for you. Then one day I ran across the environmental working groups pageSKIN DEEP and googled my "natural" shampoo. What was I using at the time? A brand called  Jason. It was their one for kids so I thought it was good. When I checked into it I was horrified to find that there are ingredients in it that cause "reproductive toxicity". I threw it out the same day. I went to the nearest natural co-op and asked them what they recommended. They said it was always best to make your own but if you are too busy you can buy Hugo Naturals which is the least toxic one they sold. Since both the accountant and I were still working at the time I went the "easy" route and bought Hugo. It worked great and I loved it (cheapest place I found it was on amazon.com

But then little Olivia came. I quit working, money got tight and I ran out of shampoo. All I had in the shower with me that day was castile soap. So I tried it...along with the "natural" conditioner I had bought at the co-op and it worked fantastic. Then I started to experiment with it.
Here is what I currently use and love.

You will need a container to store it in. I use this  large empty plastic one from a former shampoo. For travel I use this nifty thing from humangear. I love it! (My sister bought one and I fell in love)
4 oz of castile soap any scent that is available. I buy mine in the gallon size, because I use it for so much.
10 drops of lavender oil
10 drops of sage oil
10 drops of rosemary oil
Original recipe found here
 The original recipe calls for MSM or organic sulphur. I don't have any so I didn't use any and what I have works fine.

Place all ingredients in the bottle and shake before each use. Talk about simple to make! I have a few more recipes I would like to try but for now this is the cheapest for me and the easiest. Next on my list to try is the baking soda shampoo. I will let you know what I think when I do it!
The best thing about making your own shampoo? It is so CHEAP!
Now to make my own conditioner!
(note: when you make this shampoo it is more runny than what you are used to and does not really suds up, suds are from an additive.)


  1. I was looking into homemade shampoo a while back but never ended up doing it. This sounds fantastic!

  2. Hey Nicole! It was great seeing you tonight! Wish I could have stayed and talked more. I love the homemade shampoo. I used a conditioner today that a friend made and LOVED it too. I will be learning and posting the recipe soon.

  3. Jojoba oil makes a great conditioner. :)

  4. Tiara I will have to try the jojoba oil. i have some upstairs!

  5. Oh dear... I'm not that brave, but I will have to try it one day. Thanks for the recipe.



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