Monday, July 12, 2010

Charlies Soap as laundry detergent

I want to share my favorite detergent with you (they are not paying me for this!). I switched to Charlies Soap when I started using cloth diapers due to my desire to avoid diaper rash. I quickly discovered when I started to use it, that my clothes were softer and, I thought cleaner! I now use it for everything. Charlies Soap is made from a blend of biodegradable coconut based detergents and high-grade, completely soluble, Green River washing soda. As evidenced by my babies bottom it is great for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic. It is super concentrated, only requiring one tablespoon per load. It is minus the additive sodium lauryl sulfate that is in most detergents for producing suds. So no suds with Charlies Soap, but who needs suds anyways? My clothes are clean that's what counts right.
Charlies Soap can be used in both warm and cold water washes. It is HE and front loader compatible. You can buy the small 2.2 lb container locally at Whole Foods for around ten dollars( a mere $0.17 per load). It occasionally goes on sale for seven dollars. After I decided I liked it I bought the big 43 pound black container you see above. I must admit I found it on sale for near ninety dollars, normal price is $144. Sounds like a lot but works out to around $0.11 per load. Anyone living near me come get a couple of tablespoons and try it for free. The company guarantees if you don't like their soap they will refund you the purchase price. Sounds pretty good to me! If you "Like" charlies soap on facebook they post deals which is how I got mine on sale.
I Highly recommend their detergent.

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  1. I wish we had a Whole Foods near us... Right now we use Rockin' Green. I hope to try charlies soon... but Eli is almost ready for training!



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