Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soft Tacos

As we continue the pantry and freezer food for the month this was Monday's dinner and Tuesday's lunch! I went to the store on Sunday and bought milk 2.99 organic 1% from Fred Meyer's (for the accountant's cereal, he doesn't like the raw that I normally buy), some luncheon meat ( Applegate on sale at Fred Meyer's for 4.99), 4 pounds of grass fed ground beef (4.99 per pound on sale at puget sound consumers coop). I spent (30 dollars). Today I have a 25 dollar box of Veggies delivered from Klesick (comes every other week) and 4 dollar pastured eggs. Of note, we had our first egg from a chicken today!!! Mind you they laid it in the compost pile, so the accountant is going to have to work on the nest boxes tonight!! Monday's tacos were good! Here is the recipe.
 Ingredients: Soft organic tacos of your choice, I used sprouted wheat ones (corn for mine) from the freezer.
1 pound of organic grass fed ground beef (the last one from our quarter of a cow, so from the freezer also)
1 organic yellow onion
2-4 tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut oil
1 organic green bell pepper
1 fresh non organic jalapeño (couldn't find an organic one at my local store)
salt and pepper to taste
1 bunch of organic cilantro
1 can of organic black beans from trader Joe's (BPA free cans. This was the pantry item)
2 organic avocados (from Trader Joe's. Great price!)
2 cups of organic uncooked brown rice, my pantry item (from Costco. cook as directed)
Organic salsa for garnish
 Directions: On the cook-top in a stainless steel or cast iron frying pan place the coconut oil. Melt. After the oil has melted add in your onions and ground beef. Season as desired with salt and pepper. Cook until meat begins to brown.
 Add in jalapeño as meat is beginning to brown.

 On the side start cooking your rice. I cooked mine in this great rice cooker that my mom got me as a gift. It is stainless steel rather than Teflon ! I love it!!
 When the meat is almost all the way brown add in the bell pepper (color of your choice!)
 Next right before you are ready to serve the taco meat. Sprinkle in freshly cut cilantro and cook for one minute.
 I warmed up my beans in  a saucepan and sprinkled in some pepper and fresh cilantro.

 Olivia had "bare" taco's. Meaning the insides and not the shell. She adored them.

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