Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Healthy Sunscreens

Sunscreen weather is on it's way!
 We all know by now that radiation from the sun in the form of UVA contributes to premature aging of our skin and UVB causes us to burn. Both predispose us to skin cancer.

When looking for a sunscreen look for one that says it is a "broad spectrum protector or a uva/uvb protector.
It should contain a compound called zinc oxide which is a natural mineral to help deflect the sun's rays.
SPF 30 is really all you need.
If the sunscreen contains any of the following ingredients DON"T buy it.!
Oxybenzone-this is a hormone disrupting chemical that will penetrate your skin and soak into your bloodstream contributing to endocrine disrupting diseases.
Vitamin A and it's derivatives-retinol and retinyl palmitate- this is a very popular sunscreen additive, that sounds rather harmless. It's in 41 percent of sunscreens. Government date actually suggests that it may actually increase the speed at which cancer cells develop! The FDA has a study that coated lab rats in a vitamin a cream and exposed them to nine minutes of noontime Florida sunlight every day for a year. Those animals developed tumors and growths 21 percent sooner than animals not treated with the cream.

Avoid sprays and powders. The nanoparticles may be more easily absorbed through the skin or breathed into your lungs!

For more information go to www.cosmeticsdatabase.com by the Environmental Working Group

My sunscreen suggestions:

I used this all last summer for myself and Olivia. It worked wonderful  Badger SPF 30
Other recommended sunscreens are:  Alba botanica natural very emollient sunblock, Beyond Coastal Natural clear sunscreen SPF 30, Desert Essence Organics Mineral Sunscreen,  Dermae facial moisturizer, loving naturals clear body sunscreen, sun putty face spf 30

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  1. i've also heard collodial silver will work...however, if you are in water it probably washes off right away. ;)

  2. Hi Jessica, I thought you might be interested in this if you haven't seen it already. Tashas mom;-)http://www.bloombakecreate.com/2011/05/lemon-balm-lavender-bugs-off-spray/



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