Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May in our Home

May has been a very busy and rewarding month. God has been good! First I want to say thank you to the ladies of Des Moines Gospel Chapel for the privilege of speaking at the ladies tea. I had so much fun preparing and then actually speaking. Thank you for being such good listeners and so supportive. During my preparation for the organic living on a budget talk the accountant and I  would be out shopping and I would randomly tell him numerous facts I had found out about organic and conventional foods, plastics, bath and body work products. In fact anyone who went shopping with me April through May would have found me an annoyingly full encyclopedia of random facts! Our kitchen table was piled high with library books. My husband was excited for me to speak but now I am done preparing he is very excited to "have his wife back", and more than that the kitchen table back!  

Olivia is now 15 months old! She is growing up so  fast. She talks a mile a minute, most of which I just nod and say "u huh" since I have no idea what she is saying so excitedly. She has become mommies little helper loving helping hang laundry on the line outside (she pulls it out of the basket and hands it to me, faster than I can hang), unloading the dishwasher (after I remove the knives) and "sweeping" the floor. Wesley (our yorkie who is the same age as Olivia) got his first haircut. Boy was it needed with all those chickens out there. We cut it ALL off. Bathing him every single day just wasn't an option for me.

Here are our 5 week old ducks! They love the sun. Now mind you they are MUCH MUCH messier than chickens but highly entertaining. They quack very very loudly if you separate them from each other. I haven't named them yet. Any ideas?

Meet our English Sussex chick. Yesterday I went to the coop to get duck feed and made the mistake of looking at the baby chicks...I came home with two English Sussex (reportedly good winter layers)

and three silver laced Wyandotte's, also good winter layers and very calm and even tempered. I must agree with the reviews. I loved my first set of chicks but these one's are by far the calmest and friendliest. After only one day they already coming running to my hand when I feed them.

We have discovered we have not two but 3 roosters! Help one is an australorp. I love my bantam roosters (one of which I have found a new home for) but I am not so sure about the Australorp. He is already picking on my favored polish bantam rooster, pulling out tail feathers. The accountant of course loves the black rooster because he is so big and so far friendly to humans. I am not sure how long this will last since I read they are nasty adults, so he might have to go. (This is how I justified the five new birds, I know three does not equal five but they are so cute!)

My herb garden is coming along nicely. My peppermint has taken off, the horseradish is finally poking through the ground, and my chives are gorgeous. I have much more than this but these are my favorites!

 Lastly, I am 13 weeks pregnant and into my second trimester! Wow, time is flying. I was exhausted the whole first 3 months but as soon as week 11 hit the tiredness left me and I feel normal again. I LOVE the second trimester. Hopefully the nice weather will stick around and I can enjoy lots more sunny walks with my new found energy! 


  1. Very interesting and fun Jessica

  2. Nice! Your chickens are out of the teenager phase, so mine must not be far behind! =)



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