Monday, November 29, 2010

My organic wish list

This is my wish list. If I get even one item on it I will feel pampered and spoiled!
 I have been dying for an organic all natural perfume with out any "fragrance" that is unidentified. 
Tsi La natural perfume "Delicate, sophisticated and 100% natural. Untouched by alcohol, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colorings, the natural parfum collection uses a moisturizing base of select coconut oil infused with botanical extracts of pink orchid flowers. The benefits of orchids are well known: They fight free radicals, increasing skin immunity and are rich in minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper, enhancing your skin's own natural mineral content."

Organic sheet set. I also want an organic mattress but sheets are cheaper to ask for.

A clean burning soy candle made with essential oils for scenting. This one on amazon looks good to me!

I have other wishes...but I kept it simple this year. This already adds up to more than we are spending so I will probably on get one item. But I am excited about getting even one!

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  1. cab you find the perfume in a store, besides online? Like at PCC?



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