Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Conventional" versus "Natural" Medicine. How Do You Decide?

Getting sick and going to the doctor isn't common in our little family of three. It's not that I think doctors are bad, in fact I love them and believe they have our best health in mind. It's that I believe our first priority and the best medicine is prevention, along with taking the most natural route possible to deal with the problem. In an age of such available date we can research and find many "home " remedies for things such as the common cold. Reducing unnecessary usage of antibiotics very good things that have been misused by many.
I love going to the naturopath and having them look for the "root" cause of a problem such as a dietary allergy rather than just treating the cause. I must say though there is an increasing vision of this in the medical community at large. Not only in the natural community. The danger lies not in conventional or natural medicine but in excluding them from each other. Our responsibility is to learn the advantages of both systems and incorporate them BOTH into our lives. We should treat food as medicine but know it isn't the only medicine.

Honestly it takes a lot for me to go to the doctor. There has to be a good reason for me to go but when I do go I have always been listened to and treated with respect. My advice is do your research, choose your practitioner wisely and ask ALOT of questions. How do you decide to go to the "regular" doctor versus a "natural" one?

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  1. i dont know of ANY naturopathic physicians in my area. if i want a natural remedy, i have to search extensively on the internet...and when i do go to the doctor, theyre always in such a rush and seem to keep only one symptom in mind, as if the "minor" symptoms dont exist at all...which can lead to misdiagnosis. luckily i took a veterinary pathogens course in high school and have learned to ask the doctor if he thinks its a virus or a bacteria. antibiotics dont work on viruses, and [unless its been proven that its the flu] doctors are not so quick to give out the antivirals.



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