Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gift Ideas under 10 dollars

  1. 1. Gourmet coffees (preferably organic) with a personal coffee cup (Peets and Tullys were on sale at fred meyer for under 8 dollars, nice mug can be found at Tj Maxx for 2 dollars, or if you are brave a second hand store)

2.    2. Pound of organic nuts (sold at the local co-op)
 3. Child's artwork, framed
 4. Journal with a special note from you on the inside
 5. Teacup with box of herbal tea (organic herbal teas on sale at Fred Meyer, good prices at Trader Joes. Find an antique tea cup at a second hand store)
 6. Deck of cards and book of card game rules
 7. Homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar
 8. Collage of special photos
 9. Pens and pretty stationary
10. Bottle of sparkling cider (organic is 4 for $5 dollars at Fred Meyer until Saturday)
11. Home baked bread, include recipe
12. Basket of organic fruit
13. Basket filled with deli cheese (Cheese for under ten dollars at Trader Joe’s, I collect baskets from the good will)
14. Organic Burts Bees Lotion
15. White serving bowl or platter (Pier one)
16. Pretty basket filled with special jams or mustards (good prices at Trader Joes)
17. Decorative napkins and napkin rings
18. Fancy chocolate bars tied with a ribbon
19. Gardening gloves with a plant or flower seeds
20. Homemade soy candle (supplies from Michael’s craft store)
21. Makeup tote
22. Prepaid photo credit at
23. Homemade brownie mix with instructions for baking
24. Variety of bread mixes
25. Special coffee cup filled with candy
26. Fancy magazines tied together with a pretty ribbon
27. Gourmet popcorn and flavored oil
28. Locally made barbeque or steak sauce with basting brush
29. Pancake or waffle mix and a bottle of real maple syrup
30. Credit on Amazon for streaming video
31. Board games (multiple sales day after Thanksgiving)
32. Jar of sourwood creamed honey
33. Note cards and book of stamps (you can buy note cards at Tj Maxx for a good price)
34. Homemade tea
35. Specialty cookbook
36. Pretty glass jar filled with candy
37. Picture frame from the good will that you have spray painted and placed a picture in
38. Muffin mixes you have made
39. Books, from
40. Set of dish towels and dish cloths
41. Jars of cookie mix you have made
42. Pretty night shirt
43. Basket filled with kitchen gadgets
44. Credit at redbox (that’s ten movies!)
45. Pepper mill and fresh peppercorns and a Himalayan salt grinder (Trader Joes)
46. Handwritten copies of your favorite recipes
47. For the pets, gourmet dog biscuits or cat treats
48. Baking pans and supplies
49. Prepaid gift card
50. Small clock or radio
51. Pretty box for keepsakes (TJMaxx has great ones)
52. Colorful Post-It notepads
53. Address book
54. Christmas ornaments
55. Puzzles
56. Blank CDs for recording
57. Sewing repair kit
58. Subscription to mother earth news (get the card out of a magazine on display and it should only be ten dolllars.)
59. Favorite quote painted on a piece of wood for display on a wall
60. Eco Friendly makeup brush set, there is a set at Fred Meyers
61. Nice socks (always on sale at Fred Meyer day after Thanksgiving)
62. Nice bar soaps from Trader Joes
63. and don't forget my absolute favorite... home baked cookies!

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  1. wow there are some good ideas in there, thanks!



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