Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips for Raising Chickens Organically

 So our chicken total is currently a grade total of 8. I have debated getting 3 more...better build the coop first though! We currently have 3 Black Australorps, 2 Golden Sexlinks and 3 New Hampshire reds. I love them! They already get excited when I go in to feed them, they are tamer when I hold them now, content to perch on my palm or finger. Today I am on the hunt for a larger dishwasher size box to contain them all (one got out this morning and was wandering around the bathroom floor.)

 Olivia loves to look at the chicks. She takes her little finger and strokes their head. I have to watch this closely as she is a baby and I don't want her crushing or squeezing them!
 Tips for organic raising that I have gleaned so far:

  • Since the feed I am using is antibiotic free I am adding a clove of garlic and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to their drinking water every time I change the water (which is 3-4 times per day while they are in such close quarters)
  • I have added natural branches for perches to encourage roosting. They ate the little bugs that came in on the branches!
  • I put greens in with their food to encourage foraging that they will do when they are wandering around my backyard
  • This afternoon when it warms up I am taking them outside to let them explore...two at a time. I will take pictures and let you know how it goes!

Tips I have read but not tried:

  • Once or twice a week add oil of oregano and thyme to the water for their antiviral and anti fungal properties.

(I am buying some today so I can do this)

 Wesley is intrigued. He licks the chicks if I hold them close to him...I think he thinks they are squeaky toys. Little does he know they will soon be bigger than him.

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