Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chickens have arrived!

 The accountant and I went to get the first of our chickens today! I was so excited I could barely contain myself. The people down at the co-op were super friendly and helpful. I came home with three New Hampshire Reds. Everything I read says they are large birds (7-8 pounds), they lay about an egg a day each, very friendly, strong and feather out quickly. If you want they are good for meat too. I am not sure about that part so we are sticking to eggs for now.
 This little girl is my favorite, and I think the alpha. She already comes to my hand and the other two follow her around. She looks like a Gertrude to me...

 The little one in this picture is fiesty for her size, my little yorkie is already scared of her. I am naming the little one Ophelia.
 The third one is Phyllis.
I love listening to them chirp. I am excited for them to feather out and then live out in their coop in our soon to be newly fenced backyard! I look forward to sharing their progress with you.


  1. NO fair! You get to have real chicken names ... I got stuck with Travis Pastrana and Send Me an Angel. Long story.



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