Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy Days

So the accountant bought me a D3100 Nikon for my birthday. I am in love! So far I only know how to point and shoot it but I plan on learning all the features! It takes gorgeous photos! I highly recommend it! 
 I thought I would document a little bit of my life in pictures for you. Above meet Wesley our 1 year old yorkshire terrier. Below of course is little Olivia.
 Here is my idea book. I put everything I think is a good idea in it!

 Here is my journal where I write everything from lists, menu planning to thoughts.

This is where my herb garden is going to go next to my back door.

 Here is the wood for our chicken coop. We will of course need more!
 My backyard. To the right I am putting my two raised beds...not sure yet where the chickens are going.
 Spent some time reorganizing my bulk supplies...
 Birthday gift from my good friend. So excited to plant them!
 New dutch oven from my sister!
 The reason I have been so busy this week is I have two little ones running around!

 Working on my lotions..

Me at the end of a very long day!

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