Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking Care of Two and Beet nutrition

Hello all! So in case you all wondered why I haven't been blogging as much. ( I can only hope you miss me). #1 Reason is my mouse is broken and I am waiting to receive my new one in the mail. Using a desktop with just the keyboard and the tab button is WAY more difficult than I like. The accountant turned his cell phone into a remote but I only have it at night when he is home. So not so much blogging. The other reason I have not been blogging as much is I have been babysitting a friends little boy. I thought one kept me busy. I had NO idea how busy two would keep me! It's funny. They occupy each other but they also get into more trouble, so this necessitates a very close eye. So, no Internet surfing for information without the mouse, and not a whole lot of time outside of keeping the house presentable (sort of) and cooking for the accountant ( I de-stress by cooking, lucky man!).
I do want to share a tidbit of information that I learned to day in my perusal of the local co-op newsletter. It's a little nutrition information on one of my favorite vegetables. Hint this veggie turns your poo red.
Beets are full of vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and C. They also contain calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron. They are a great source of choline which is needed for your brain and that of a growing baby whether in or out of the womb.
One way I like to enjoy beets is cooked and tossed with olive oil, ground black pepper, dill and lemon juice. (I used to add feta cheese before I knew I was allergic to casein, if you are not allergic I highly recommend adding it in too!)
I love to buy beets, cook them and add them to my tossed green salad. (I am one of those strange people that craves salads) Juicing beets raw will give you even more health benefits than eating them cooked or try grating them with your cheese grater and putting them on your raw salad.
A few specific health benefits of beets, eaten in large quantity or part of a healthy diet are:
Choline detoxifies the liver
Helps with the healing process of a gastric ulcer
Helps alleviate gout
Helps keep arteries and veins elastic
Contains betaine an amino acid that has anti cancer properties. Protective against colon and stomach cancer
They are alkaline so helps combat acidosis in the body
Combat atherosclerosis
The iron in beets regenerates and activates blood cells fighting anemia.

So eat your beets!

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