Friday, October 15, 2010

Cloth Diapering: Why I decided to do it and what I use.

I started cloth diapering on a whim. I didn't look into whether or not it would save me money, although friends told me that it did. I just wanted to do it. Perhaps it is the nostalgia of remembering my Mom and Auntie Beth changing my cousins and younger siblings. Or perhaps I couldn't bring myself to fill up my garbage can with loads of "disposable" but not decomposing plastic diapers. I am honestly not sure. My friends from work gave me a head start by giving me most of my diapers as a "group gift". I loved them before I even started to use them.
Now that I use them, I adore them. There is something satisfying to me when I wash, dry and then fold them and put them away. It somehow soothes me. Reminds me I am a mother for a tiny little person.

Here are some photos and descriptions of what I use.

My wipes warmer. I also just use a white bucket with a liner for my dirty diapers. I wash them every other day so it doesn't really get smelly. I might need to find a lid before next summer though!

I use reusable wipes. It is actually easier when cloth diapering to do this because both dirty items go to the same place. Not the waste basket and the dirty hamper...just the dirty hamper! I don't put any solutions on my wipes. I just get them wet, put a couple drops of what ever essential oil strikes my fancy and place them in the wipe warmer. I have the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer. It has worked fabulously for me.

Flip diaper covers are some of my favorite because they grow with baby. At night I double up my Indian prefold diapers, place a hemp liner in there and then use a flip cover to seal it all up!

Rumparooz are some terry cloth diapers and liners that I bought on a whim on one of those daily deal websites. They work, but are not my favorite.

Happy Heinys is my only "natural" cover. It is made of wool. I love it. The only problem is they are so expensive that I have not bought any more. I like it because it has no synthetic materials. These are just a little too steep in price for me.

Bummis diaper covers were part of my gift from work. They have been great. I prefer the snap ones to the Velcro shown below. Now that Olivia is crawling the snaps hold better than the Velcro.

Dream Eze are night time all in one diapers I bought for Olivia. Here she is sporting them. They work great soaking up everything for 12 hours straight! Yes, she sleeps for 12 whole hours.

Here is a picture of my collection of Indian prefolds. Some of them are on loan from my wonderful friend and post partum doula, click here to check out her website. 

When out and about I need a place to put Olivia's dirty diapers I use this great wet bag. Seen below. It keeps everything, including smell sealed in nicely.

A recently purchased diaper that I am falling in love with is, Bum Joy, a fleece diaper made by a mom. It can be found on Etsy. Fleece wicks away the moisture and keeps Olivia's tush nice and dry.

My "on the go" diapers are bummis organic all in ones. They are easy for a quick change while we are out and about on the town. Again not a cheap item but the convenience has been well worth the price.

This is my toilet sprayer that I rinse Olivia's poopy diapers with. It works great! 

Green Mountain Diapers is a great resource for those interested in starting cloth diapering. I have purchased a lot of my stuff through them.
If you are thinking about cloth diapering. I highly recommend it. It is satisfying in so many ways!


  1. hi, i just wanted to say i love your blog. ive been reading it daily for a couple weeks, now and its helpful, informative, and an easy read when my daughters having her naps! lol. thanks so much for the info you provide and i hope you continue with your blog!

    god bless!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog and I pretty much learn something new every time I do!



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