Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu Plan for the week

This week is full of activity for our family. I love the bustle and busyness of this time of year. Today is my cleaning, budgeting, meal planning day. I must say this is the first year we have bought a quarter of an organic grass fed cow and I am loving the convenience and taste of it. It is wonderful to get most of your meat buying for the year done in one fell swoop. We will most definitely be doing it again next year! I will probably purchase a half a cow due to my love to entertain. We can feed more people that way. So here is the dinner plan for the week. I am also planning on getting some holiday baking and prep for our annual Christmas party done.

Monday: Ginger turkey stir fry with rice noodles and salad

Tuesday: Pot roast with potatoes and green beans (the link is a recipe I am going to change up a bit to suit my needs)

Wednesday: Sprouted grain enchiladas with shredded beef and brown rice, salad

Thursday: Chili with sprouted grain bread

Friday: Christmas party with a pot roast

Saturday: The accountants birthday so we are eating out!!!

Sunday: Chicken Soup

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