Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June in Our Home

The month of June flew by so quick! Finally summer has arrived. After a VERY rainy spring, June 21 rolled around and with it the sun. Yeah. Olivia is getting to enjoy the laundry line this year. She loves hiding behind the towels and sheets blowing in the wind. I am 5 months along in my pregnancy. Wow. Time flies!

We have enjoyed a couple of bonfires with friends and family. I love having a big backyard, with room for parties, chickens and play!

Little Olive is growing up so fast! She talks a mile a minute (most of which I'm not sure what she is saying). Before we know it her little brother will be here...

The coop and run are complete (except for a little more paint). The chickens are enjoying their large run, and I am enjoying having my backyard back! I let them out every evening to free range the whole yard.

We are down to one rooster. Gave the other two away. One is a much more reasonable amount of roosters! The accountant wanted to keep the big black australorp until he started to prove to aggressive, so in the name of child safety, away we gave him on craigslist.

Our neighbors planted their dahlias again! I can hardly wait for them to all grow up and bloom they are so gorgeous!

This is one of the two chicks the accountant picked up at the co-op when he went to get food. I swear every time I send him he brings home more chicks! These are what he calls "commercial" layers. The ones you see in the pictures of caged white chickens.

 Redecorated my downstairs with new free sofa's and rugs from my mom. I adore second hand furniture! Everything in my house has either been given to me or purchased second hand. No off gassing in my house!

This is Gertrude...she is my friendliest chicken. I can't keep her out of my house! I need a baby gate just for her.

Olivia's imagination has kicked in...she begs to play dress up, pushes around her shopping cart and goes shopping in my pantry.

Nana and Papa are Olive's favorite playmates!

Dancing is her pastime
. The carefree days of summer are here. Let's enjoy them to their fullest with lots of sun, water, fresh produce and fruit, friends, family and play!

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