Thursday, June 30, 2011

My new toy a YoLife Yogurt Maker!

I have been making yogurt at home on and off for a while now. Most of the time it turn out but not always. Since I am using expensive organic RAW milk I decided I needed something that would help prevent the "not always" turning out part. So I bit the bullet and invested in a YoLife Yogurt Maker that I found on Can we just say I am in love. So far every batch turns out perfect. It keeps the milk at a steady 110 degrees for as many hours as I like (usually 8-12) and gives me my desired consistency. The best part for me is the little containers they send with it to make the yogurt in are made of glass. So no plastic touches my yogurt.
So yes...I am guilty of having one more contraption in my kitchen that I could have made in the crock pot or a tub of hot water but I love it!

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