Thursday, June 9, 2011

Every day Life

The last two weeks have been busy at our house! First we all caught a nasty little cold bug, then Olivia and I had lots of trouble sleeping through the night and being tired all day. Then we had my thyroid checked and behold it was too fast! So after cutting my dose in half, baby is sleeping though the night (she is still breastfeeding partially so the meds were affecting her too) and so is mommy! The doctor is hoping to take me off the meds completely next month. Here is hoping. Perhaps all our diet changes and filtered water is making a difference? I hope so. Pregnancy is what triggered the imbalance the first time around, maybe pregnancy is making it better this time! 
Today has been one of baking and cleaning. This here is a banana cake recipe from the spunky coconut website. It smells yummy as it is cooking in the oven right now. Olivia isn't gluten or dairy free but I am keeping her on mommies diet with a few occasional exceptions because I think variety is the spice of life.

Last night the accountant vacuumed and mopped the floors for me. He can be so sexy sometimes!

My chickens haven't seemed to learn the back porch is off limits no matter how many times I let Wesley out to chase them off.

Our coop is all sided thanks to my new brother in law Matt, my dad and the accountant. Now to paint it yellow and red!

The accountant and I went to the coop together and came back with 9 more chickens. Three silver laced Wyandottes, two English Sussex, a furry bantam, an ameracauna, a buff orpington and a little black and yellow polish. I should probably go alone next time...good thing he didn't come to the animal shelter with Olivia and Nana yesterday. We might have come home with a cat!

Here is my little gymnast trouble maker. She climbs over and into everything. Even out of her crib. We have bought her an inexpensive low to the ground twin bed, now we just need a cheap organic mattress for it. The best prices I have found are on and ikea.

My chickens have taken over the compost pile. They spend all day back there pecking and scratching for bugs and worms. I am convinced they are laying eggs in this bunch of herb/weeds that the bees love but am too scared to look. 

I have three books I am working on right now from the library. VERY interesting book on fluoride. I highly recommend checking it out from your local library. And this was only the first three hours of my morning. How was your morning?

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  1. yea to no floride!!!
    in my pregnancies, my body started working better with my thyroid, but aroud 6-8 weeks postpardum it freaked out and didn't know what the thyroid should be doing.
    This is what gave me the thyroid storm. This last pregnancy was my first with our diet change and no medication, my thyroid did great!!! =)
    Woot-Woot for healthy living!!!!



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