Friday, June 10, 2011

Article Link: "Time out for pesticide Manufacturers"

A quick update on roundup ready GMO's and methyl bromide ( a pesticide loaded onto conventional strawberries)

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  1. have you seen the articles about the FDA admitting arsenic from chicken feed actually DOES end up in the chicken meat? alpharma (division of pfeizer that makes the feed) says they pulled their feed off shelves in america. however, they also say that their feed is going to stay on store shelves in other countries as long as regulators in those countries dont force them to remove it. (now, THERES a responsible company.) no news as to if chicken imported from other countries into america will be tested or banned, so theres still a likelihood that americans could be consuming arsenic in their chicken. lastly, chicken "litter" (ie. FECES) is put into cattle feed (yum!) so that same arsenic has the possibility of ending up into people hamburgers, steaks, spaghetti sauces, hotdogs, etc.

    of course, the FDA says "trace" amounts were found, but for anyone whos read the "story of stuff" or seen their video about cosmetics and "toxins in, toxins out" would know, that stuff builds up in our bodies. not sure how anyone else feels about lethal compounds building up in their bodies, but im not too thrilled about it. i hope people learn to not believe everything theyre told soon, otherwise well be seeing a serious decline in life america and other "advanced" countries.



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