Monday, March 5, 2012

Life Happens

Life has been incredibly busy for us lately. We have had family sickness both immediate and extended, resulting in a very busy mommy trying to keep up with it all. One day I did 26 loads of laundry! Poor Olivia had her first real gastrointestinal "bug" and Henry caught a nasty little cough, both are now well on there way to recovery. This mommy could do with never seeing another "Winnie the Pooh" cartoon again in her life though! It was Olivia's chant the whole time she was sick "Pooh Bear, Oh Pooh Bear Please!". Thankfully we are now on the other side of this whole ordeal though and she is again happily playing all day long with no "toons". Daddy celebrated her recovery buy buying the most adorable 100% cedar playhouse for her that we found at Costco, for a very very good price. She played in it all day yesterday and has been begging to go out today, but since it is pouring with rain and her cough is not quite gone, inside she stays.
 The packaging says "Wood from Sustain-ably Forested Trees", which I am hoping is true. I was excited to have it be real cedar so she won't be breathing in all the plastic from a cheaper, plastic house, also this is 100% biodegradable!

On the bright side, our chickens egg production is picking up and I am able to sell eggs to pay for our expensive but healthy feed. We use scratch and peck, which is non-gmo, organic, soy free feed. I truly believe we are what we eat, which includes what we are feeding the animals we eat. I am excited to be able to sell people food that is so good for them, and does not cost a fortune. We added six new chicks to raise our chicken count to 20. We purchased two rhode island reds, two white leghorns and two americana's (easter egg layers). I am excited for them to start laying in six months. The accountants and I's dream is to one day own enough land to raise pastured chickens for eggs and meat and some cows. Perhaps one day!

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