Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Progress On Re Arranging the Living Space

The house had begun to feel stale. Like the decor was in need of a face lift. We don't have the extra money to go buy anything new, but I decided it could feel better than it did, by moving it around. Progress so far is a very tidy pantry, a reading nook for Olivia, seating that induces conversation with visitors, and a designated play area for miss Olive. Here are the photo updates...First project, take the two darling children and occupy them...

Tami...this play gym is a life saver for me with Henry, he LOVES it!

First the before pictures...let me know if you think it has improved some! 

Here are the after pictures. First is miss O's designated play area
 Here is miss O and mommy's reading area...
 The cozy, conversation inducing area...
 A place for everything...including boots for the backyard...
 Ah...much better. Not done yet. Still need to hang a few pictures and finish organizing but almost there! I hope to spend the rest of the day finishing. It is my valentines day gift to my husband who LOVES organization and clean homes.


  1. Looks better! Every time I see your place it looks different - I love it. I need to meet that baby boy one of these days. =)



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